Apr. 15th, 2017

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Welcome to Rare Ships!!! on Ice! This is a fanworks exchange dedicated to rare Yuri!!! on Ice relationships of all sorts.

Links: AO3 Collection | Tagset | Tumblr | Letters Post | Beta Post

2017 Schedule:
Nominations: April 18 - May 2
Sign-Ups: May 5 - 15
Assignments Out: by May 19
Default Deadline: July 9
Works Due: July 16
Works Revealed: July 23
Creators Revealed: July 30
Commenting Deadline: August 13

May 5 Update: Comments on this post are now screened by default, in case you'd like to let me know something confidentially. I will unscreen non-confidential/general interest comments here -- the best way to let me know something privately is to contact me via email.

Exchange details, links, rules, and instructions )
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First - I'm waiting on an invite before I can create the AO3 collection. I'll probably go ahead and open nominations as soon as I'm able to do that, which should be earlier than the date listed above.

Second - before I finalize the rest of the information in the welcome post above, I wanted some feedback on a few things. Please feel free to discuss on this post - anon commenting is on! - or shoot me an email at rareshipsonice@gmail.com if you'd prefer that.

Update, April 16: warning matching is off the table! Thanks for chiming in, everyone :)

Update, April 17: commenting will be required, with a three-week deadline after works are revealed. I've also settled on 3 to 20 requests and offers. Still open to input on additional mediums, as well as anything else you'd like to ask or suggest :)

Update, April 24: I'm adding podfic! The rule updates may take a day or two. I'm still thinking about graphics. There wasn't enough interest in a separate graphics category, so I'm not adding one. I'm open to reconsidering for next year.

feedback wanted on mediums, matching, and commenting! )

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