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"I'll Be Away" Post
If you know you'll be away from the internet for a while after reveals, and want to let your gifter know your comment will be delayed due to vacation/having a baby/crying about your thesis/prepping for your annual dark demonic ritual summoning/traveling to a work conference -- you can comment on this post to say so. Please note your AO3 name if it's different from the account you use here.

Basically, this is for "I'll be gone for a week or more" stuff, not "I'm asleep during reveals and at work the next day." It's also optional, either way.

Gift-Checking Update
I checked that all assigned gifts matched a ship and medium requested, and skimmed for placeholders. I also skimmed for DNWs. In the event that I missed something, please don't hesitate to email me after reveals and I will ensure you have a gift that matches your requests.

If you have multiple mod hits on your work, it probably means I forgot that I already checked it ;)

There will be a week-long anonymous period between work reveals and creator reveals. Please do not link to a tumblr, twitter, or other identifying account in your work notes. You can add links in after creator reveals on July 30 :)

Collection Status
All creators with extensions have turned in their gifts! This means we only have the post-deadline pinch hits pending, which are due this Friday, July 21. Everything looks in good shape to open the collection on time.

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