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Works are due this Sunday, July 16, at 8 p.m. PDT. (countdown). The collection will briefly close at that point so I can check for placeholders and incomplete assignments -- then it will reopen so treaters and pinch hitters can continue posting :)

The basics:
  • Post your finished work on AO3 by clicking on "Assignments" on your AO3 dash, finding your Rare Ships!!! on Ice assignment, and clicking "Fulfill."
  • Clicking it will take you to a "Post New Work" form with the exchange info pre-populated. You can check the "Associations" section to make sure the assignment's checked off, the collection's filled in, and your recipient's filled in.
  • Do not repost your work elsewhere (e.g. on tumblr, twitter, public forums) before creator reveals.
  • You can edit your work after posting it.
  • A saved draft does not count as a posted work. Make sure you have actually posted your work by the deadline.

While you can edit your work after posting, please have a complete work up by the deadline. You can be waiting on a final proofread or touch-up, but do not upload a placeholder gift or anything that would not be an acceptable gift if your recipient received it right then. I will be checking for obvious placeholders and gifts that don't meet the exchange minimum requirements.

Also, congratulations to those who've posted already! If you're looking for something to do next, consider finding someone to treat, or keep an eye out for any post-deadline pinch hits ;)

Links: AO3 Collection | Beta Post | Schedule and Rules
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