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At last, the collection is revealed! Click here to enjoy all the new rare ship goodness.

You should have received an email linking to your gift or gifts. You can also check your gifts page here:[YOUR USERNAME]/gifts

On the collection works page, you can use the sort/filter bar to find stuff you're interested in, but I'd also recommend just scrolling through all four pages and seeing what catches your eye! There's some really great stuff for a wide variety of ships, and you might find something you never even knew you needed.

Some reminders:
  • Remember to re-date your work so it shows up in the right spot in the fandom tags! See this post for details.
  • Commenting on your gift(s) is nice exchange etiquette, and is required for RSOI. See the rules post for details.
  • If you'll be away from the internet for a significant amount of time post-reveals, you can optionally drop a note about it at the I'll Be Away post.
  • If there's something wrong with your gift (meaning, it violates a DNW; doesn't meet the exchange minimum; or doesn't fit one of your requested ships or mediums) please email me ASAP at
Final note, I will be posting round-up link posts for each ship to the exchange tumblr over the course of the anon period -- so, one post linking all the SaraMila works, one post linking all the ChrisVic works, etc -- for a bit of extra signal boosting and easy browsing :)
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