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First - I'm waiting on an invite before I can create the AO3 collection. I'll probably go ahead and open nominations as soon as I'm able to do that, which should be earlier than the date listed above.

Second - before I finalize the rest of the information in the welcome post above, I wanted some feedback on a few things. Please feel free to discuss on this post - anon commenting is on! - or shoot me an email at if you'd prefer that.

Update, April 16: warning matching is off the table! Thanks for chiming in, everyone :)

Update, April 17: commenting will be required, with a three-week deadline after works are revealed. I've also settled on 3 to 20 requests and offers. Still open to input on additional mediums, as well as anything else you'd like to ask or suggest :)

Update, April 24: I'm adding podfic! The rule updates may take a day or two. I'm still thinking about graphics. There wasn't enough interest in a separate graphics category, so I'm not adding one. I'm open to reconsidering for next year.

I'm currently planning to allow matching on fanfiction and fanart. Do you want any other mediums available? If so, what would be a good minimum equivalent to 500 words of fanfiction?

Match on archive warnings?
Would being able to match on archive warnings be helpful for you, or just confusing? I personally liked it a lot for Smut Swap, since there are some pairings I don't want aged up or aged down.

I'd allow everyone to make multiple requests, so you could group your Noncon pairings in one request and your No Warnings ships in another request, for example.

The main confusing element here is the existence of "Chose Not to Warn," which is useless for matching. I'm toying with the idea of explicitly stating: "Do not request or offer CNTW" and asking anyone who did so anyway to change their sign-up, or I'd change it for them. A bit more work on my end, but I think worth it to eliminate weird matching confusion.

Should non-commenters be banned from future RSOI exchanges? If so, what do you think is a reasonable timeframe to expect comments within?

# of requests and offers
What do you think is a reasonable minimum number of relationships to request and offer? I'm leaning towards minimum 3 for each.

Maximum would be 20 or something at least. Exact # would depend on whether I end up allowing multiple sets of requests and offers to facilitate archive warning divisions.

Anything else?
I'm all ears :)
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