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A little early - hope nobody minds! Signups are open now through Monday, May 15 at 8 p.m. PST. (countdown)

Click here to sign up!

Let me know if you have any questions either by commenting on this post or by emailing me at

Tag set | Tag spreadsheet | Requests Summary

Signup Guidelines
  • You can request and offer 3 to 20 relationships from the tag set. You can request and offer fanfic and/or fanart and/or podfic.
  • Please remember that "Character & Character" is different from "Character/Character." Relationships with a "&" represent a platonic dynamic between the characters. Relationships with a "/" represent a sexual and/or romantic dynamic between the characters.
  • At least one request and at least one offer must not be a crossover relationship.
  • Requests will be visible during signups.
  • You can edit or delete your signup as long as signups are open.
You can request 3 to 20 relationships. You can also request fanfic, fanart, and/or podfic. Matching is OR. Your creator will match to you on any 1 relationship + any 1 medium from your requests. If you give prompts, please keep that in mind!

There is a space in the sign-up form where you can link to a "Dear Creator" letter on your Dreamwidth, tumblr, or other site. Letters are optional.

There is an "Optional Details" space on the sign-up form. Potentially helpful things to include in your optional details: general tropes and concepts you enjoy, prompts, Do Not Wants. You can also mention any non-standard (in terms of this exchange!) mediums you'd be open to receiving, such as interactive fiction, poetry, crafts, baked goods, etc.

Your creator isn't required to follow optional details (exception: DNWs), but most creators like having an idea of what you'll enjoy.

On that note -- if you have any "Do Not Wants," please include them in the sign-up form itself. Your creator is expected to respect your DNWs. I will only enforce that for DNWs listed in the sign-up form; I won't enforce DNWs that are only listed in a separate letter.

A DNW list lets you specify elements that would prevent you from enjoying your gift. A DNW could be a trigger, squick, or just something you really dislike. Clear and specific DNWs are most helpful. Don't use your DNW section to try to force your creator to create a specific type of work.

Reasonable DNWs: "Clowns, kinkshaming, second person POV"
Unreasonable DNWs: "Fic where Yuri is a figure skater; art that isn't a coffee shop AU"

You can offer 3 to 20 relationships. You can offer 1 to 3 mediums (fanfic, fanart, podfic).

Fanfiction has to be 500+ words, finished, and standalone. It can't be a sequel to a fic you've written before, or part of a series. Please proofread your fic.

Fanart has to be an original work created entirely by you. Art doesn't need to be fully colored but should look finished, and can't be on lined paper. Unless prompted by the recip, graphics and manipulations cannot fulfill an art request.

Podfic has to be 500+ words and finished. You can podfic the first installment of a series if the story is standalone -- no cliffhangers. You can either 1. podfic an existing piece of fanfiction or 2. write a new piece of fanfiction to then podfic for this exchange. If #1, make sure there's enough existing fic for the ships you're offering. If #2, please post both the text and audio for your recip.

To fulfill your assignment, you have to create a fanwork that matches your recipient's requested medium (fic, art, or podfic) and one of their requested relationships. You are also expected to respect your recipient's DNWs.

Any other optional details are optional. However, please do your best to create a fanwork you think your recipient will enjoy.

If you have no possible recipients at the end of sign-ups - meaning, no other participants are requesting any of the relationships you're offering - I will email you letting you know. You will need to either add more offers or drop out of the exchange.
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