Apr. 24th, 2017

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Medium Category Added: Podfic

Thank you to everyone who gave feedback on this! You'll now be able to offer and request anywhere from 1 to 3 mediums. I think I've altered all the rules/info accordingly, but please let me know if I missed anything.

Podfic notes: New text is not required, but is allowed. So you can either podfic an existing work, or write a new fic and also podfic it. It's up to offerers to make sure you're offering ships you'd personally be able to create podfic for.

Nominations Continue

We still have a week of nominations -- make sure the ships you want are in the tagset!

No new questions, but I've gone ahead and rejected the "Character &/ Everyone" nominations. I also accepted the other two as Yuri Plisetsky/Count D and Yuri Plisetsky/Nidai Nekomaru.

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